Sleep More Soundly

I often find myself staying up late at night. Not because I have anything of importance to accomplish, but because going to sleep means accepting that I have accomplished all that I am going to in that day. This isn't so daunting when I accomplish something of which to be proud on a given day; it's … Continue reading Sleep More Soundly

Not a Quarter-Life Crisis

Last week, I got my first tattoo. This week, I’m writing my first blog post. This is not a quarter-life crisis; I would say a quarter-life development. Though these decision were made quickly, they were not done impulsively. I recently realized that I possess a prohibitive tendency to over think in an effort to be prepared, a habit that has the potential to cost me valuable future experiences. Thus, I am using this blog as my first step in an endeavor to find the *just right* degree of preparedness and calculation.